Thoroughbred Railroad Models

'Custom painting and weathering of contemporary HO and N scale model railroad locomotives and freight cars'

Thoroughbred Railroad Models was established in 2001.  Our railfan photos and other photos submitted to us by our customers, through Facebook railroad groups, and internet railroad photo websites serve as reference material for the creation of Thoroughbred's realistic prototype models in HO and N guage.  
In many cases, graffiti on our projects is hand drawn or a computer graphic is used to make a custom decal for limited run items where uniformity is necessary.

 We offer the following services: prototypical detailing, custom painting & weathering, and model modifications or "kitbashing" services to create unique desired models not readily available from the various manufacturers.

Visit our Facebook page, contact us through Facebook's Instant messaging service for model sales, additional information and quotes on custom painting and weathering. Or contact us at:

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